Monday, 16 March 2015

Saverah Event x Abayas Boutique Review

This weekend I had the honour to be part of Saverah Fashion and Exhibiton event, which took place at Canary Wharf - London.
I only attended the first fashion show. After that I went to visit stalls  and had some discussions with sellers. They were so lovely.

The Abaya I was wearing is all the way from Manchester. A lovely lady has sent it to me to do a review on. I must say, it's one of the best Abayas I have ever owned. The quality is classic and the design simple yet classy.
I will definitely purchase Abayas and Kaftans from her in the future. 

                                           And this girl here, is my lovely friend. Well done to her! :)

This brand is called 'Chenile' and was by far my favourite collection. I mean, they have used such an amazing Tumblr qoute, which can be more or less mainstream. 

This was by far my most favourite stall at the event. Sadly, I forgot the brand name :(
On the happier side,  I have purchased the piece on the left side. Can't wait to wear it once it gets a bit warmer.

 Abaya:  Abayas Boutique

Bag: Newlook 


  1. love this Masha'Allah, so elegant <3

  2. The abayah is soo beautiful mashalla!